Denmark’s Biggest Friday-bar and Sports-day 2022

Every year in September, the Student Council, together with Aarhus University-Sport (AUS), hosts Denmark’s Biggest Friday-bar & Sports-day, which is a huge sports and party day for all students at Aarhus University and other higher education institutions in Aarhus. This year it will be held on Friday 8th September. The purpose of Denmark’s Biggest Friday-bar & Sports-day is to create an event that can give both new and old students a sense of being part of a larger community. In the morning, the various sports associations in AUS kicks of the sports-day with various tournaments. The students can sign up for the sports-day and compete against each other in volleyball, football, and beer bowling as well as other sports. In addition, students also have the opportunity to settle down on the lawns with cheap and cold beers before the concerts start early in the evening. The music program is always composed so there is something for everyone. The planning of Denmark’s Biggest Friday-bar & Sports-day takes place on an ongoing basis. On the website ( and the event’s Facebook page, you can follow the work and read the very latest news about this year’s festival. We cannot wait to see you!

For contact regarding Denmark’s Biggest Friday-bar & Sports-day:

Victor Laurents Kelsen

Project manager


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