The  International  Committee (IC) is  a committee within the  Students’ Council that represents the international students at Aarhus University. The IC fights for the rights of international  students and  seeks to ensure that they will be heard in relevant  matters by  communicating with relevant entities.  On top of that IC also hosts events and provide a network for international students in Aarhus.

The IC’s board consists of 11 members.  Eight seats are reserved for international students,  either full-degree  or  exchange  students, and four seats are reserved for  Danish full-degree  students elected by  the Students’  Council.  The IC has a number   of  head-positions,   who  are  responsible  for  areas  such  as  projects, communication  and marketing,  and relations.  It  is also  possible to  become a member of the IC as a volunteer. Volunteering members can help out  the head positions with their respective tasks or help us executing our events. 

IC  members  will  be awarded  with  a  certificate  proving their  time and  tasks within the IC as a thank you for their commitment to the committee.

The IC is also a social organisation both  functioning as a network,  but also your new friends at Aarhus University.

Weekly meetings take place on Mondays from 19-20.

If  you  have  any  questions,  please  do not  hesitate to contact  the  IC for more information.


Facebook and Instagram: @internationalcommitteeau


Our office can be found at Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C.