No University without the students

The Students’ Council

The Students’ Council is an organization that functions as the voice of the students at Aarhus University both internally at Aarhus University as well as in the public debate. We have done this since 1932. We protect the academic, social and economic interest of the students by fighting for the best regulatory frameworks for us students.

Local students’ council

The Students’ Council consists of councils based on the many studies at Aarhus University. We bring together students across studies, so that together we can fight for high-quality education, ownership of the local study environments and say no to political reforms that damage our everyday lives as students.

Get involved

Without all the active volunteers that everyday does a huge job in the local students’ councils, in the different board of studies, in Retshjælpen (The Students’ Council group for legal advice), in the students magazine Delfinen and in The Students’ Councils many committees, campaigns and aevents, The Students’ Council would cease to exist.

Meet the secretariat