Delfinen is the study magazine for students at Aarhus University. We publish articles online at (Indsæt hyper link) and it is free to read all our articles. The magazine is run by volunteers, and in the editorial staff we are currently about 20 students. Some of us write articles, others make illustrations, take pictures or correct commas.

The content of Delfinen focuses on the life that occupies the student – student life, nightlife, cultural life, city life and more. In addition, the Student Council’s political representatives write weekly in Delfinen, where they turn and debate news at the university and education policy. We have regular guest writers who contribute to the debate about our educations and the students. If you want to join the editorial staff or have a post for the magazine, you can write to the dolphin’s editor at The dolphin’s articles are most often written in Danish, but English articles are also very welcome.


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For contact regarding announcement:
Alexander Spaziani Testa Hjortshøj Sales Manager/

For contact regarding content:
Lise Roulund Knudsen

Editor of the magazine dolphin