Without all the volunteers who do a huge job every day in the local student councils, study boards, the Student Council’s Legal Aid, the student magazine ‘Delfinen’ and in the Student Council’s committees, campaigns and events, the Student Council would be nothing!

Being a volunteer in the Student Council is first and foremost about us as students creating the best possible conditions for ourselves and each other, but in addition you also get a strong network, good acquaintances and valuable experience with planning, communication and teamwork in a large organization.

Student policy

In the Student Council, we are always in search of new volunteers. If you want to improve the teaching- and study environment for the students at Aarhus University, or fight against cuts in the SU, you can join our political committees. For example, if you would like to fight for international students, you can volunteer in the International Committee.

You can also run for the Student Council’s Executive Committee, which is the day-to-day management of the Student Council, responsible for organizing and planning the political work as well as for the Student Council’s Secretariat. Contact the Student Council’s chairman at formand@sr.au.dk or your local student council to hear more.

If you are more into local work, you can also get involved in your local student council. All local councils deal with the study conditions in the individual subjects, but many also arrange lectures and other subject-oriented events.


If a student politician is not what hides inside you, but instead a writer, you can also become a volunteer writer for the Student Council’s student magazine ‘Delfinen’ (‘The Doplhin’). ‘Delfinen’ writes extensively on topics that affect the students. You can always contact ‘Delfinen at delfinen@sr.au.dk and hear more.

Volunteer for events

Every year, the Student Council arranges the Commencement Fair and Denmark’s Biggest Friday-bar and Sports-day. Here we need a lot of volunteers, both for practical work, bar sales, and organization and planning. As a volunteer, you get a valuable network across the university, and the work is also filled with a lot of fun and fuss. In the Student Council, we believe that it must be cool to be a volunteer and that as a volunteer you must have responsibility. Would you like to give a hand in hosting these events, please contact the Student Council’s event manager at event@sr.au.dk.

Volunteer in the Legal Aid

Many years ago, the Student Council set up a voluntary legal aid run by law students at AU. This was done in recognition that many students often face legal issues where they cannot afford expensive lawyer bills. As a law student, you can become a volunteer in legal aid and gain valuable insight into the practical legal work. Contact legal aid at ret@sr.au.dk to find out more.